Sarah McMaster, digital anthropologist

Hi, I’m Sarah. My two passions are creating awareness about information and communication technology issues that matter & promoting access to higher education as a fundamental, long-term answer to any societal problem.

I’m interested in educating people about how we build digital technologies like social media platforms, the inherent biases that are transferred into code in that development process, their subsequent use as ubiquitous communications tools in our connected lives daily via the internet, and how that affects us on societal and cultural levels.

My areas of interest are ethics in marketing communications; digital literacy and digital citizenship; addressing the organizational implementation challenges in omni-channel marketing; visual story telling and video production.

I connect people and learning organizations, bridging data and behavior to create the right student experiences at the right time, leading to a win-win for students and the institutions that serve them.

My strengths include managing projects, developing successful campaigns, pulling together teams for collaboration, and using a deep knowledge base in consumer behavior to achieve organizational goals.

I earned degrees in anthropology from Brown University and the University of California, Davis where I focused my research on consumer behavior. I followed my formal education with over 18 years of professional experience in marketing and communications and 14 years in higher education.

I currently act as the executive director of marketing and enrollment management for the online division of a small private college.

In addition to this role, I serve as adjunct faculty at Clark University and Brandeis University where I teach courses such as:

  • Marketing Communications
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Ethics in the Digital World
  • Strategic Marketing Tools & Applications
  • Integrated Marketing Communications