I help people connect with education. I bridge data and behavior to build marketing strategies that provide the right experience at the right time, leading to a win-win for potential students and educational institutions.

Powerful Team Leadership: finding and showcasing people's strengths, building consensus, utilizing effective project management, providing opportunities for skill development, encouraging communication and problem-solving
Persuasive Story Telling: developing creative messages and strong calls-to-action, media placement, marketing campaigns, managing editor for publications, social media community management, leveraging consistent branding to stay top of mind, moving people to act
Meaningful Number Crunching: achieving and measuring return on investment, translating marketing data into understandable and actionable information, backing up great ideas with quantifiable evidence, leveraging historical data towards continuous improvement of tactics and strategies
Openly Sharing Knowledge: communicating both wins and lessons learned to stakeholders, delivering impactful talks and workshops on best practices, marketing, the web, new media, digital citizenship, digital assets, et cetera
Website Care & Feeding: redesigns, usability testing, content strategies, WordPress, growing organic traffic, working with designers and IT folks to create great user experiences