ethics + digital technology

Sarah McMaster: Digital anthropologist

My passion is to help people be informed on digital technology issues that matter.

I’m interested in educating people about how we build digital technologies like social media platforms, the inherent biases that are transferred into code in that development process, their subsequent use as ubiquitous communications tools in our connected lives daily via the internet, and how that affects us on societal and cultural levels.

I earned degrees in anthropology from Brown University and the University of California, Davis where I focused my research on consumer behavior. I followed my formal education with over 15 years of professional experience in marketing and communications. 

I am an adjunct instructor in communications at a small, private university and act as marketing director for a regionally-serving public university. I am currently developing a graduate certificate program in digital literacy and communication ethics for a local university and a teaching curriculum for parents, educators, and K-12 students.