Social Media Monitoring: Good Marketing or Privacy Issue?

I was recently interviewed by the CBS Boston news team regarding my college’s social media monitoring practices in regards to student safety. It was a great interview and garnered some excellent public relations exposure for our marketing and communications division. In the roughly 30-minute taping, we discussed my daily responsibilities and the scope of my [...]

Crafting an End-of-Year Review for New Media

It’s the end of another year. We’re ready for the holidays. Students are preparing for exams. It’s time to sit back, relax and wax poetic on another year, right? No way. Now is the time to begin your end-of-year review process for new media.

What do I mean by that, exactly? I mean you crunch all [...]

The Google Analytics Bounce Rate Demystified

This originally appeared as a guest post for the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations blog. 


Though the “bounce rate” may be one of the most basic metrics available in Google Analytics, it is often one of the most underutilized and misunderstood.

Google defines bounce rate as “the percentage of bounced visits to your site. A bounce is [...]

Six Steps to Prepare for a Website Redesign

This post originally appeared as a guest post for the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations blog. It has also been featured in Counsel, the NCMPR magazine. 

The average website has a lifespan of about three to five years, and higher education websites are no different. In fact, college websites may be on the shorter [...]

A Time-Management Freak's Top 3 Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Managers

This piece originally appeared as a guest post for the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations, here. 

As marketing and communications professionals, we all wear many hats. These days one of those might be as a social media administrator for your college. Wear it with pride! Whether social media was dropped in your lap or has always been among [...]

LinkedIn Passwords Hacked

Kudos to LinkedIn for the efficient and timely way they have dealt with this. An inconvenience? Yes. A PR nightmare a la Netflix? NO. I think we can all agree that over-communication is not the same thing as quality communication. Netflix, are you listening?

Blogging Helps Businesses Gain More Sales Leads

A new survey by Hubspot reveals that companies that blog on their websites see a greater increase in their lead generation. In addition, companies that participate in social media applications like Twitter also see good results. Having a concise marketing plan, clearly identified and utilized keywords, and quality landing pages all positively impact a businesses [...]

Marketing for Gardeners

Have a green thumb? Some of the same principles that guide your gardening practices can be applied to marketing. Read this light, funny article for more.

Demystifying Digg

Digg is a social media website that ranks online content through the feedback of the Digg  web community and aggregates it according to those rankings. Anything from breaking news stories to quirky entertainment can be found here. Users collectively rank content by “digging it” and more popular stories and content gets pushed to the most [...]