Marketing's Future in the Immersive Internet

Lately, I’ve been spending quite a bit of my “creative thinking time” on the immersive Internet concept.  Simply put, it’s the next technological iteration, stemming from virtual spaces like Second Life and business technologies like Webex. The immersive Internet meshes experiences augmented by technology and social culture. These experiences are then grafted onto our real [...]

Social Media Monitoring: Good Marketing or Privacy Issue?

I was recently interviewed by the CBS Boston news team regarding my college’s social media monitoring practices in regards to student safety. It was a great interview and garnered some excellent public relations exposure for our marketing and communications division. In the roughly 30-minute taping, we discussed my daily responsibilities and the scope of my [...]

A 20-minute Crash Course to Jumpstart Your Social Media

Thought I’d quickly post up the link to an article on social media I wrote for the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network earlier this year. It’s geared towards the nonprofit sector, but can translate pretty easily for profit enterprises as well. Funny, how fast new media evolves. In the few months since I wrote this, so much [...]

Google Search Gets Even Faster?

Well, Google is at it again: crunching numbers, improving “user experience”, and ultimately making even more money. They’ve rolled out a new feature in search apparently with the help of Bob Dylan…

Google Instant displays results as you type, as opposed to only after you hit enter or click the search button. It anticipates [...]

What's Your Brand?

Branding is one of those marketing words that makes non-marketing people’s eyes glaze over. But, is it really that bad?

Communicating your brand sets you apart from your competition and plants the seed of connection between your organization and your message.

Non-profit organizations, community groups, and even family farms can benefit from a plan to create a [...]

Blogging Helps Businesses Gain More Sales Leads

A new survey by Hubspot reveals that companies that blog on their websites see a greater increase in their lead generation. In addition, companies that participate in social media applications like Twitter also see good results. Having a concise marketing plan, clearly identified and utilized keywords, and quality landing pages all positively impact a businesses [...]

Marketing for Gardeners

Have a green thumb? Some of the same principles that guide your gardening practices can be applied to marketing. Read this light, funny article for more.

Demystifying Digg

Digg is a social media website that ranks online content through the feedback of the Digg  web community and aggregates it according to those rankings. Anything from breaking news stories to quirky entertainment can be found here. Users collectively rank content by “digging it” and more popular stories and content gets pushed to the most [...]